Attic with Insulation

Wild Animal in My Attic

Scratching sounds from animals in the attic or walls is a very common call in Dale City. Call now if you hear noises in the attic. There are many species of pest wildlife that try to make your home and attic a safe place to have their young. Allowing wildlife to live in your attic can be unhealthy, as their feces harbors many diseases. They can cause extensive damage to your roof, attic and insulation; so call us when you hear these noises.

We can help cleanup your attic, disinfect it and make it safe for you and your family. Since animal waste attracts other animals and insects, it must be eliminated. The contaminated insulation is removed, and then replaced with new insulation. We can remove all wildlife waste from your attic, crawlspace and home. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to completely remove, clean, decontaminate and restore all areas of your home or business.

One Way Door for Wildlife

Trapping In Attic

Once we have determined the type of wild animal that you have in your attic we will begin the process of removing them.  There are a number of methods that may be used depending on the type of wildlife that you have.  When it comes to animals like raccoons or squirrels trapping is the best method to get them out of your attic.  Extermination would be used on pests like rats or mice.

When it comes to bats we have to ensure that we follow the laws for getting them out of your attic.  We will safely exclude them from your home without causing them harm. Our trained team knows the best way to safely get these animals out of your home without causing further damage to the home or its occupants.

Attic Damage by Wildlife

Home Attic Damage

As wild animals attempt to enter your home, they can create a lot of attic damage. They will tear into the roof and eaves to enter your home as a result this can allow other animals to enter. They will tear up insulation as they build nests and they will damage your attic with excrement. Call us as soon as you hear the first noises coming from the attic or walls.

The sooner we remove the wild animals the easier the damage will be to fix. We have the tools to fix that roof damage. Holes in the roof can often lead to water damage. We can install caps so that animals can’t enter your chimney or vents.

Remove Wild Animals from Attic How-to

  1. Inspection – Inspect the attic and search for evidence to identify which animal.  This can include damage to insulation or other items in the attic. You may smell or see their droppings or urine and you may also see dead animals.
  2. Trapping – Trap and remove all animals from the attic.  Follow state laws.  Bats are protected and you must follow the laws when removing them so make sure to understand state and local regulations.
  3. Seal up – Locate and repair all entry points to your attic. Make sure not to miss even the smallest of openings. You want to make sure the animals do not return and cause additional damage.
  4. Damage Repair – It may be necessary to repair any damage to your home and  property. Depending on how long the animals have been in the attic this may be extensive.